सिठी नख

Sixth day of bright lunar fortnight is dedicated to Lord Kumar. This is the day when Kartikeya Kumar (Sithi Dyah) was born. On this day, people take bath and houses are cleaned. Wells and conduits are also cleaned on this day, this is also the day of eating Chatamari– a typical rice flour bread and Wo– a flat cake of mashed lentils. It is the last festival of a year that the Newars observe.

Also known as Bhumi Mata ya Depcha– a festival of land. On this day people don’t work on field/land.

Following Dishes are made;

1) Four types or roti (Ma woo, Kasu woo, Mu woo, Musu woo)

2) Wheat roti

Maas ko Baara or Woh is made from ground split Urad Beans (kaalo maas ko daal).  They are light and spongy daal patties that resemble small flat pancakes.  Maas ko Baara is best served fresh, but can be stored overnight.